Tate Modren

I love most of the creation in Tate Modern.

However, some of them are hard to understand at first sight.

Several questions rose in my mind. What is the meaning behind this?

Why did people create such “thing,” which was made of two different conflict elements.

Perhaps it is the concept they tried to shout out to people.

Art is a concept of why and how – why did the artist make this creation and how did he/she present it?

The other exhibition in Tate modern I like the most is ” war poster.”

Poster supposed to attract people’s attention, and it did makes me stop.

The way they painted is so colorful and vivd.

A type of pop arts communicated to the public.

Interestingly, I found a writing on the Tate modern lady’s bathroom door.

Someone does not agree with Tate modern, and it is also a way to present her “concept” .


One thought on “Tate Modren

  1. I love tate modern too!
    Especially for me, I can see masterpiece of salvador dali such as telephone with crawfish.
    I remember the sunflower seeds now. Do you remember?
    chinese artist’s work.. when I saw his work, I just wonder what is the his concept.
    I think art is con(fraud)! haha

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