Why Ravensbourne?!

The Motive to study in Ravensbourne – Communication Design MA

The primary reason brought me to Ravensbourne is to become professional in graphic design in order to find a job after I gradate. However, this is not only regarding finding a job in the future. Most importantly, creating graphics is what makes me happy! I have passion and patience in this particular area.

To me, I believe that images posses strong power. People can feel the power of the picture instantly. It is a universal language.  In future generation, I consider that people tend to watch pictures more than reading articles, especially for the young people, so there will be massive opportunities in this area. My aim is to create pictures that can be used in business approach. I love to create picture in different ways; however, I have only a few knowledge of how to presents it as advertising. I love Andy Warhol, because he knew how to make money by his work. He is not only an artist, but also a businessman.

How to achieve this aim? I think the best way is to work with people who are already in this industry. Luckily, most of my classmates have working experiences. My next step is to have conversations with them, learning from their experiences. Secondly, I will apply for an internship, which I think is the fastest way to understand how does advertising industry works in the UK, getting involved to the reality, and I know that Ravensbourne has great links with business.Thirdly, I will start to research relative information, such as advertising strategies or graphic design methods.  To comprehend the method people are using now, and perhaps to develop new technique. In this area, creative is extremely essential. It is all about how to be different from the others and how to make it works on the market at the same time.

I am not an English native speaker, which takes me a lot of time to learn a new a language. Now, I have absorbed into two diverse cultures, which also gives me inspirations to create unique images. Furthermore, I want to discover what are the differences between the UK and my country (Taiwan) in graphic design.

Fang-Yu, Liu ( Sara)


One thought on “Why Ravensbourne?!

  1. Hey =)
    I agree that simple images can have such a strong power…there is the saying ‘A picture can paint a thousand words’ and it is so true.. words are very direct and targeted..whereas a picture can be much more open to interpretation and can portray such a powerful message.
    Your aims in the UK sound good! and I am sure you will achieve them as you are an amazing person! and have settled down here so well already! 😀 good luckkkkkk~

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