John Lewis’s Ad

This is John Lewis’s tv commercial in 2010. The way the director-Dougal Wilson shot shows how time passing on us.

I like he presented it by using emotional approach to the customers, darn touching.


4 thoughts on “John Lewis’s Ad

  1. This was a great choice of ad, as its also a testament to how certain brands are a choice that we make or are made for us, when we are young and stick with us for many years to come. I think that only in the last 5 years have we had a greater association and freedom of communication with big brands, and I’m really hoping that this relationship and importance of the world and the consumer to the brand grows.

  2. Yep, it’s a winner I love it when Ads touch us emotionally… and this is rich, beautifully shot, designed, scripted and crafted. I couldn’t care less about john lewis or their mission statement however they are addressing a quality in narrative and ‘feel’ good advertising. the edits and transitions are fab, Plus the song makes me want to cry…
    check this Chris Milk short out you’ll love it…

    I posted it on my blog for Time and Space the other week.
    Have an awesome evening.. 🙂

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