Visiting Science Museum

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Luckily, there always has an exhibition of ” Moon Landing” in almost every major city, because it is one of the most important event in human history. The one we went is in The Science Museum, called ” Exploring Space”. The actual space of the exhibition comparing to  “Room 35” is enormous. However, I felt a little bit empty of the space in the exhibition in the science museum, which provides visitors a lot of information, but I think if they have developed more interactive design that would be more interesting. It inspired me new ideas to design our exhibition.

One interactive design they have now is allowing visitors to put their hand in the space glove. To be honest, I do not like this interactive design.

This is my first time visited science museum. I also went to other exhibition called “Lates”. In Lates every design are interactive with visitors. It was fun to play a little game while visiting a museum.

To conclude, this field trip is a good example of how to present our moon landing exhibition. I enjoy it very much with Yuki and Munseok. We also watch the 4D show in science museum. I was wondering what is 4D at beginning, turns out 4D means 3D movie plus moving chair. This is a short film called “Legend of Apollo”, which is fun and show audience vital information in the same time.


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