Mission to the Moon

I separated the area into five sections. According to the last times area survey, we know right side is the exit and left side is the ticket selling point and the entrance. The exhibition requires ticket to get in.

One side of the picture is copy of the historical plaque on the Apollo 11 lunar module “Eagle”

JULY 1969 A.D.

The plaque is signed by the three crew members of Apollo 11(Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr) and US President Richard Nixon.

This plaque is still remaining on the Moon now. With this ticket, visitors have to finish two tasks in area B. During the tasks, visitors will learn more about Apollo 11. First, visitors need to put the ticket on The Apollo Lunar Module (LM-the lander portion of the Apollo spacecraft), which will be project on the actual module in area B.

Area B

This is the image I want to create in area B by using projector and actual module (Apollo Lunar Module and rocks). Second task is to collect lunar rocks back to the Earth for scientific research. After the visitors finishing the task, they will understand what have the astronauts left behind on the moon and what have the astronauts taken away from the moon.

In area B, I want to make the visitor an astronaut launching to the moon, to experience the life on the spacecraft. There will be a toilet with belt letting people know how to live in a weightless environment. Space food will also display in area B.

Area A

It is the beginning of the exhibition. I want to take visitors back to 1969, within retro design and provide information for people to know the background of Apollo 11.

Area C

I want to make the visitors to think! I want to play the conspiracy video. Put the light there letting the visitors doing the experiment by themselves.

Area D

Is where all the information about Moon. Yuki’s idea is to show that people on the Earth only can see one side of the moon by using hologram. It shows different image from different angles.

Area E

This is where an area selling Lunar Rocks to the visitors.


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