Funny Interview with Buzz Aldrin

Ali G interviews Buzz Aldrin ask some funny question, but some of the question is very honest.

For the first question, Buzz was asked is he jealous Armstrong has been the first man step on the moon. I like Ali G’s question, which is sharp and hilarious.

It shows me how did Buzz think of being second man on the moon. Actually, he wants people consider they are the first group on the moon rather than who was the first person on the moon.

” To be the second man on the moon” is the angle I want to show in the exhibition, Even though Buzz said he was not jealous Armstrong. It is still understandable to think he wanted to be the first man on the moon. The original plan was supposed to be Buzz be the first person step out of the spacecraft.

How did he adjust to be the second man on the moon?

How dose he think of the moon?  (from his aspect before and after the moon landing.)

Buzz Aldrin had a huge contribution while they were in the spacecraft. At that time, One part of the spacecraft did not function well, Buzz saved the spacecraft by using a pen to replace the broken part. He still has the pen with him now. I want to emphasize the contribution in the exhibition that has been often forgotten by the people.

Rather than showing basic information of 1969’s moon landing to the visitors, I think it is deeper aspect to understand the moon landing from the person who actual landed on the moon.

This is more decent interview with Buzz Aldrin.


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