Research Strategy

My aim is to find useful methods in graphic design which works in advertising industry without losing own personality.

HOW am I going to do the research ?

Identify and develop the topic

“How to make an attractive graphic advertisement to the target audience with my own personality ?”

(Colle+McVoy in Minneapolis introduced Caribou Coffee’s new hot breakfast sandwiches by making bus shelters looks like ovens)

To achieve this goal, I need to focus on two different directions.

Firstly I will study past successful graphic advertising campaign’s.
Secondly is to research on current graphic trends.

– by researching on popular graphic designers, and recent years graphic award.

How am I going to Find Information

Look up keywords in the encyclopedias. for instance, graphic advertising, graphic design. I will note relevant items in the bibliographies at the end of the encyclopedia articles.

Amazon is also a good engine  to find information. It will pops out other relevant books automatically.

The first book I am reading now. A lot of successful advertising cases in it.

Design Entrepreneur: Turning Graphic Design Into Goods That Sell          Author: Steven Heller , Lita Talarico

How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul     Author Adrian Shaughnessy

Twitter – Starting to use twitter recently, I find it really handy. Im following OGILVY AdFreak CreativeReview LucyGiacone..etc.

Online publications, blog, periodical magazine, press publications, British library for book references and academic writings.

Evaluate what I find

How to Critically Analyze Information Sources Access in Jan.18.2011

Adjust the sources, it may need to narrow or broaden the topic.

Perhaps need to do The broader survey, such as consumer behavior research.

Start to write, an annotated list of books  can help me organize and format.

Cite what I find using Harvard format

I brought this book before I came to Ravensbourne. Glad finally I get chance to use it.

Write on Track: A Guide to Academic Writing.  Author – Mary Thoreau

It shows how to use Harvard format referencing properly. keep away from plagiarism. Hopefully, the whole project will flow smoothly.


5 thoughts on “Research Strategy

  1. I totally agree with you about having a own signature about our work, but maybe should you take acare about the extreme way of having a signature… For instance, as I may know more about architects, some are so famous in their style, that they just sign a building with their style, and forget about looking for more creativity.
    It would may be interesting in your research to look at both ways of having a signature?

    • yah!! thats one thing i need the most…confidence!!!
      u r fine !! i love that u always asking question in the class…not like me or most ppl from Asian…too quiet ..

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