Song for Diesel Illustration

When Renzo Rosso founded the company in 1978, he wanted it to be a leader, a company that took chances and carved out a niche for itself in its field.
He surrounded himself with creative, talented people – innovators who, like him, rejected the slavish trend following typical of the fashion industry.
He wanted to create the most dynamic and imaginative product available anywhere: he gave his openminded design team broad stylistic freedom, and their mission was to create an apparel line perfect for independent people who follow their own unique path in life and for those style-makers who express their individuality by the way they dress.
From the very beginning, Diesel’s design team, headed by Creative Director Wilbert Das, turned their backs on the style-dictators and consumer forecasters of the fashion establishment and let their own personal tastes lead them.
The company views the world as a single, border-less macro-culture, and the Diesel staff reflects this:
a cosmopolitan team that creates an unpredictable, dynamic vitality and energy within the company.
Diesel “people” and their working methods are so unconventional, albeit productive, that they have been profiled in countless media, and have been studied by international consulting organizations and universities.  Access in Jan.29.2011

Before I chose the song, I did some research on Diesel’s background. I want to find a song which is fit Diesel’s tone and manner. The song needs to have Diesel’s chararistic, unpredictable, dynamic vitality and energy.

DJ Fresh – Gold Dust With Lyrics

Dj Fresh – Hypercaine


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