Research on unconventional Graphic Design

5 unconventional uses for Graphic Design

Everyone knows you hire a design studio for things like branding, print materials and web design. However, designers can create many other interesting products and materials. Just check this out:

1. Customized Wall Art. Wouldn’t it be cool to have custom graphics displayed on the walls or store-front of your business that are as easy to install as they are to remove? Behold sticker wall art! This is also a great way to display a company logo.


2. Stationery and Invitations. Hint – Most print designers are paper sample freaks. Nothing pleases us more than picking and choosing beautiful textured or sparkly paper for a project. Custom stationery and invitations make the perfect outlet for our paper fetishes. Hire a designer for your next special party or event and you and your guests won’t be disappointed.

3. Custom Fabric. Trying to decorate your home and can’t find the right fabric? Get a designer to create a custom pattern and have it printed on your fabric of choice. Problem solved!

4. Vehicle Decals and Wraps. Most people think to go to an auto detailing shop to get decals for their vehicles, but what if what you’re looking for requires something a bit more creative? A designer can create graphics for you that will make any by-passer stop and stare at your ride.

5. Art for your home. Have your designer create an illustrative masterpiece from your favourite family photo or even of your beloved pet. Voila, a work of art!

source  access in Feb.07.2011



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