London Art Fair

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London Art Fair presents over 100 galleries featuring the great names of 20th Century British art and exceptional contemporary work from leading figures and emerging talent.

As a Communication Design student, I think visiting London Art Fair could open my eye and help me get to know more artist in UK.

I especially like one art piece called Red Interior  painted by Paul Riley. The painting looks so real. He drew the reflection on the metal bottle. While looking at this painting, it makes feel weird. But in the good way, “clean, lonely and passion ” are the words I want to describe this painting, three irrelevant words creating a weird atmosphere.

Photography David Bailey is who I found that I like the style of taking picture. Most art pieces price are very high in the exhibition. We cant deny the value of the art is incredible.

However, this art fair is massive. I couldn’t absorb that much in one day. So, I walked around the exhibition first, then pick from some of them that I like the most and took some pictures. More than 100 galleries in this art fair, I found some of them might be good to visit. After the air fair, I will visit a gallery called Richard Green on Bond street.




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