My Manifesto

My manifesto is

“Forgot the rule, Follow the instinct.

Rules r made to be broken. Breached is innovation.

Follow your Heart, but with knowledge.

Instinct comes from innate and environments around you

So, be careful where you stand ,

You are what you Read.

Create your Own personality.

I like clear images, so, I used single lines to made up my manifesto poster.  Lines made up a rectangle in the middle of the poster,  ” create your own personality” is meaning of you have to think out side of the box. In the lines of “Forgot the rule, Follow the instinct.” in red characters, viewer can see “go for it.”  just follow the intuition.

In very beginning of MA, I was trying to seek the answer of how to find useful methods in graphic design that works in advertising industry without losing own personality, which also is my topic for literature review. While I was writing my literature review and studying on some graphic designers. I found out that there is no direct answer to my topic. A designer must have his or her own style, but to create a style needs to read. The environment where the designer is exposed himself in that is extremely important. Before the designer follows his instinct, he needs familiar with the industry, understanding the rules.  At this stage he knows the basic rules, but some rules are made to be broken. Otherwise every design will be the same. After that he can develops his own unique style that works in the marketplace. Its like contemporary artists who start from the bsic drawing skill, then create their unique style.

This is another other poster I want to put next to the main poster.

To emphasize what Im trying to say.


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