Reading list for literature review

Reading List

Those are the books I read for my  literature review.

Dougher, S., “100 Habits of successful graphic designers”

Friedman. M & Friedman. P, Graphic Design in America: A Visual Language History,

Heller, S., The Education of a graphic designer

Heller, S., &  Talarico, H., “Design Entrepreneur: Turning Graphic Design Into Goods That Sell

Hembree, R., “The complete Graphic designer

Rowsell, D., “Design, Communication and the Functioning Aesthetic

Twemlow, A., “what is graphic design for?


Bruss, E., “Be determined to succeed”, AIGI, available at: (accessed 8.Feb.2011), 2010.

Inchaute, F., “Learning to Design Without Losing Your Soul”, Finch, available at: (accessed 2.Feb.2011), 2011.

Kendah El-Ali, “Drivan Releases “Disko”: A Talk with Kim Hiorthøy”, FILTER Magazine, available at: (accessed 2.Feb.2011), 2010.

Pierini, A., “10 Rules to Properly Judge Commercial Design”, The Dieline, available at: , (accessed 5.Feb.2011), 2011.

Poggenpohl, S.H., “GRAPHIC DESIGN: A CAREER GUIDE”, AIGA,  available at: (accessed 7.Feb.2011), 1998.

Shaughnessy, A., “A Layperson’s Guide to Graphic Design”, Design Observer, available at:, (accessed 8.Feb.2011), 2008.


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