Learning Plan

I have learned something during PGO1 and PGO2. The education system is totally different between London and my country (Taiwan).  Most of the time I was so frustrated, but now I know I have achieved something that I didn’t know before MA. I realized that in the UK, the professors focus on the process more than the result. They asked  how it helps me for my learning and how does the research help me to finish the project.

Research Strategy

My aim is to the study and developed useful methods in graphic design that work in the advertising industry without losing its own personality. To achieve this goal, I need to focus on two different directions. Firstly I studied past successful graphic advertising campaigns. Secondly I did researches on current graphic trends by researching on popular graphic designers. I then explored what it means to talk about graphic as advertising and reviewed artists’ studies.

The first book I studied directly concerns graphic design and advertising – Design Entrepreneur: Turning Graphic Design Into Goods That Sell was written by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. This book has a lot of advertising cases in it. I am going to examine some cases in order to show how a designer followed on his instinct to complete a design.

I will evaluate a new method of analysis on the previous successful advertising cases, finding the practicable way that works in graphic design without losing own personality. Furthermore, the Internet is a part of our life; massive resources can be found online, for instance, online publications and blogs.

In the end of my research, unfortunately, there is no direct answer to my topic of developing useful methods in graphic design that works in advertising industry without losing one’s personality. If designers want to follow their own ideas, they must fully understand the regulations and the basic rules of the industry. In design, you will always need to be creative. So, follow the instinct, which is not against logic, and keep learning continuously in design career. It is not only about keeping one’s own personality in the design, but also relating to improving skills on several directions. Designers need to improve the skill of working with client and educating disciplines all the time.

Future Plan

In the future, I want to find a product, which is with a bad package design. From the books I have read, the Meaning of bad design dose not mean that is ugly. It might be not sending the right message to the public. The product will be something I interest in. I will be back to my country in ester break. At that time, I’m going to find a product and redesign the package for it with my personal design style. Furthermore, I am going to compare similar products package design in the UK and Taiwan.


The Diagram shows my process in Ravensbourne in the first semester.




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