After tutorial with Peter and Jeremy , I  develop into a new direction rather than just re-design for a bad packaging design. When we were talking about my final project. Jeremy asked me ” how can it helps me in the future?” and “where am I going to after  MA?”

I want to find job in London after MA, but my original plan was only to re-design the packaging in Taiwan. It seems not helping me in the future. They suggest me that I can re-design the product packaging and makes it can be sell in the UK. So, from now on, I am going to find a potential product in Taiwan and re-design the packaging make it sell on the UK market, import items from Taiwan to the UK. It has to be practical and realistic bushiness plan works in the UK.

I had a conversation with friends, realized that cigarettes are expensive in London. for example: Marlboro Red box (20 cigarettes) £5.80. On the other hand, in Taiwan is less than £2. I was thinking of import Taiwan cigarettes to the UK. However, it turns out to be hard for this item because of the law. All the cigarette box should put on caution picture and warning due to the legislation.There is no space for me to re-design the packaging, and its forbid to advertise cigarette in the UK. Furthermore, the tax cost is really high, might be not profitable to import.As the results, I decide to find another item.

I did research on food packaging design in Tesco, so I am going to find sweets that is made in Taiwan (might be a Taiwanese tradition candy) or beverage.

My Steps:

1. Research on how to write a food label qualified to the  UK legislation.

2. Test the market. Free samples for people who live in the UK and develop a questionnaire.

3. If the item fits in UK, I have to make a contact with the company who produce the sweets/beverage.


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