Taste in the UK !

Next Im going to test the market in the UK by giving free sample of the peanut candy and questionnaire.

The questions I made for the it.

Peanut Candy taste survey in the UK 2011

How do u like it?

[ ] very tasty,  love it!   [ ]its ok  [ ]soso   [ ]don’t like it at all

why  you don’t like  ______________

How often do you eat sweets?

[ ] everyday  [ ] few times in a week    [ ]few times in a month  [ ]never

How often do you buy sweets?

[ ] everyday  [ ]few times in week   [ ]few times in month   [ ]never

Will you buy this product?

[ ]yes  [ ] maybe [ ]only with discount [ ]definitely not

what price do you think you would buy this product for 10 pieces in a package?

[ ]only when its free     [ ] less than £1      [ ]more than £1     [ ]more than £2




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