Results of the questionnaire

Peanut Candy taste survey in the UK 2011

How do u like it?

40%  very tasty,  love it!   48%  its ok,  12 % soso,   0% don’t like it at all

How often do you eat sweets?

16%  everyday,  52%  few times in a week,    24% few times in a month,  8% never

How often do you buy sweets?

4% everyday,  12% few times in a week,   40% few times in a month,   8% never

Will you buy this product?

40% yes,  36% maybe, 12% only with discount, 12% definitely not

what price do you think you would buy this product for 10 pieces in a package?

0% only when its free ,    40%  less than £1,      44%more than £1,    16% more than £2

According to the survey, people who live in the UK are willing to buy this product for  £1. The testers think the peanut cake is tasty to ok in between. Another interesting discovery, 52% people eat sweets few times in a week, but only 12% people buy sweets in a week, which means they are not the one buying sweets. Perhaps someone else (other family member ) buy it for them or others (company, store service) provide it for them.

I also got a lot opinions from the people, most people felt it is heathy and organic. The ingredients are nature, noun artificial added.


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