Naming the candy and logo


I read a branding book about create a new name for the product. It says finding the unique of the product if you want to be the number one on the market. Naming is crucially important. In the Book, it provides loads of examples, such as coca-cola, oreao, those product make the name for their own. whenever people say coca-cola, they know what it is. There is no need to explain it is a soda pop liquid. Coca-cola means this special soda pop to everyone.

So, I decide to make a new word for the product. According to my survey, a lot people said that they felt the candy is quite organic, and it dose contain only pure material without adding any artificial pigment in the candy. That is reason why I named it Forganic. “F” instead of Formosa. Thats what Taiwan used to called. Formosa means a great island with lots of  treasure. Further research on ” Forganic”




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